When to Upgrade a Septic System | BIOROCK

When to Upgrade a Septic System | BIOROCK

Posted on 09 Nov 2020 by Christel Astakhoff

When to Upgrade a Septic System?

Septic systems provide essential wastewater treatment to residential homes that are located away from the municipal septic grid. While your septic system may last for many years with regular maintenance and pumping, after decades of wear and tear, replacing or upgrading the system will be required.

If you are not sure how old your system is, then here are some common signs that it’s time to upgrade your septic tank so you know what to look for and call for service before disaster strikes.

Bad Odor from your Septic System

When to Upgrade a Septic System : bad odourIn most cases, when your septic system is not working properly, you will notice a bad odor before you see any visual evidence. If you get a hint of a sewage smell inside your house through the drains or outside near where your septic system is located, it usually is a sign of blocked drain or septic tank related issue.


Puddles in Yard

It is never good to see water puddles in your drain field or on the ground area around where your septic system is buried. This is a sign that your system might be failing to dispose of wastewater properly. In most cases, this sign indicates the need for immediate repair and sometimes even replacing or upgrading the entire septic system. We advise that this sign not be ignored as puddles in your yard can lead to a disaster.

Greener Grass

When your septic system is failing, whether the tank has a crack, or there is a leak, one of the first signs you may notice the grass around your septic tank is greener than the rest of the yard. The sewage that is seeping out of the system acts as a fertilizer and adds moisture. The two work together to make the grass healthier and greener, though continued exposure to sewage and wastewater will end up being toxic for the land. If you notice this, call in for an inspection and you might need to upgrade your septic system.

Sewage Backup

The most serious sign of a failing septic tank is sewage backup in your home. This occurrence can not only leave your house smelling bad but can also be a major health concern. Raw sewage is laden with viruses and bacteria and can cause a significant risk to the health of your family. Also, trying to clean the sewage up yourself might be dangerous, so, it is better to call a plumber to help you remediate the issue and start looking for upgrading septic system with retrofit applications.

Contaminated Water Sources

As the septic system fails, the sewage seeps into your yard fertilizing the grass and plant life. Also, it seeps into the groundwater contaminating the water sources. Your well water may end up having high nitrates, nitrite, and bacteria, including the dangerous E. coli bacteria. If you are concerned about your drinking water sources, have that tested immediately as well as have your septic system tested to determine the source of contamination.

These are a few signs that indicate a failing septic system and upgrading septic system may be the right solution. If you want to upgrade your septic system, then we can help. We will help you convert your existing septic tank into a fully functional three-stage sewage treatment system at an affordable price.

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