Installation of a Wastewater Treatment Plant for a TV & Radio Station Mast in Ireland

Project: Installation of a Wastewater Treatment Plant for a TV & Radio Station Mast in Ireland


Location: South-West of Ireland


Plant: BIOROCK ST1-2000 Primary Tank with BIOROCK-S Treatment Unit


Description: This TV & Radio Station Mast is occupied intermittently throughout the year for periods of 3-5 days at a time up to 10 times a year. The requirement was to have a system capable of handling this type of intermittent loading and deliver high quality treated effluent as the area around the station is of great natural beauty. There was also a preferred requirement to have a system which did not require continuous power consumption and required minimal maintenance. The ground conditions were also difficult with little or no area for the standard percolation system design. So an innovative solution was required in order to meet both the client requirements and comply with the local and national regulations.


A completely over-ground system was considered but this would have required a sewage pumping station and this was ruled out on the grounds of cost and continuing maintenance. The BIOROCK System is very flexible and can be installed completely over-ground, partially over-ground or completely below ground. The final solution was a combination of underground and partially underground. The Primary Tank was installed underground so as to allow gravity discharge of the raw sewage to the Primary Settlement Tank where the solids settle. The 'grey water' effluent is pumped to the treatment unit with a small float operated sump pump and the treated effluent gravity discharges to a remote percolation area downstream of the site.