Installation of a 45pe System in Northern Ireland at a Mobile Home Site

Project: Installation of a 45pe System for a Static Mobile Home Site


Location: Northern Ireland


Plant: BIOROCK ST1-15000 Primary Tank and 2 x ECOROCK-5000 Treatment Modules with Flow Control Chamber and Splitter System


Description: The client had an old septic tank and soakaway system which was undersized for the number of units now on the site. Due to the seasonal loading on the system he wanted to have a system which could cope with 10 to 50 person loading and also have a quality of effluent which could be discharged to a nearby river on the site. BIOROCK was able to satisfy these criteria and as a result was chosen over many electrical systems which were manufactured locally. As the system did not require an electrical installation the client was able to install the system using his own groundworks team under the supervision and direction of our local distributor.