BIOROCK multi-units: Delta Okavango wetlands, Botswana

BIOROCK multi-units: Delta Okavango wetlands, Botswana


Delta Okavango wetlands, Botswana.


Installation of a sewage treatment system in the middle of the swamps. A unique project because of local constraints: The accommodations, restaurant, and spa are built on islands that are completely inundated during the rainy season.


90 PE


SPA and Hotel / Restaurant


BIOROCK South Africa

Technical description

  1. Several pump stations receive power from a solar plant and protrude above the water level during the flood season. These pump stations receive effluent from the guest accommodations, staff, accommodations, kitchen, spa, and workshop.
  2. The primary tanks and BIOROCK units are installed above ground on a timber platform roughly central to the various pump stations.
  3. 3 off 10,000 liters primary tanks are connected in series, receiving the macerated effluent from the pump stations. Each outlet on the primary tank to the next has a brush filter to retain inorganic solids.
  4. The outlet from the last primary tank flows into a baffle which feeds the 6 off BIOROCK-15 units.
  5. The outlets from the 6 off BIOROCK-15 units flow into a tank that has a low-wattage pump to recirculate a portion of the effluent to the primary tanks to aid nitrification.
  6. The overflow from this recirculation tank flows into a discharge tank where a low wattage pump reticulates the treated effluent into a sub-surface drain. This is necessary to prevent treated effluent from being disposed directly into surface waters during the flood season.

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